Jewelry Photography: New Photos from Photographer Amanda Call    Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We recently received many new photos of our handmade jewelry from our recent photo shoots with Amanda Call and are excited to begin sharing a few of our favorite photos with all of you! In our photo shoot sessions, we experimented with different elements, backgrounds, layouts and angles to create the perfect photos of our jewelry. With our new photos, we're hoping to give our fans and customers the feeling that our jewelry is right in front of them and not simply on their computer (or phone) screen. We've selected several of our favorite photos Amanda took, including photos of jewelry from our current collection, some of our new styles and some custom made designs.

Our Gold Heart Earrings, featuring three dimensional antiqued gold heart charms dangling from gold French earring hooks.

Our Apple Green Chalcedony Row Necklace, featuring a row of ten apple green chalcedony gemstone rondelle beads wire wrapped using bronze wire on an antiqued brass chain.

Our Silver Octopus Necklace, featuring an antiqued silver octopus charm dangling from a delicate silver chain.

Our Magenta Agate Row Necklace, featuring a row of four faceted magenta agate gemstone beads on an antiqued brass chain.

Our Silver Flying Owl Earrings, featuring double-sided antiqued silver flying owl charms dangling from silver French earring hooks.

Our Pyrite Trio Necklace, featuring a row of three rough pyrite beads wire wrapped with bronze wire on an antiqued brass chain.

Our Lavender Lava Rock Necklace, featuring a trio of bold lavender purple lava rock beads dangling from a delicate silver chain.

Our Wire Wrapped Green Tourmaline Nugget Necklace, featuring a green tourmaline gemstone nugget wire wrapped with bronze wire on an antiqued brass chain.

Our Amethyst Trio Earrings, featuring bold, faceted amethyst gemstone beads dangling from French silver earring hooks.

Our Yellow Chalcedony Trio Earrings, featuring faceted yellow chalcedony rondelle beads dangling from French silver earring hooks.

We're thrilled to be able to share all of these new photos of our jewelry with you and give you a sneak peek of some of our newest designs. We'd love to hear what you think about the photos and our jewelry designs featured here in the comments!


My Boyfriend Made Me a Necklace    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm very lucky to have a boyfriend who enjoys my craft and even offers to help out with any part of the creative process or business aspects that he can. It's really amazing to see him having fun creating some unique pieces with extra supplies I have, and it's always a nice surprise when he makes something special for me. The other day, he even surprised me with this gorgeous Wire Wrapped Tourmaline Nugget Necklace.

The necklace features an orange, tan and cream colored tourmaline nugget bead wire wrapped with bronze wire on an antiqued brass chain. I think he did such a lovely job creating this necklace for me, and I've been enjoying wearing it! My cousin, who took these photos, even requested necklaces created in this style, which I will show with you all in a later post. Here's another photo of the necklace my boyfriend made me:

Thanks goes out to Corey Arner for creating this beautiful necklace and to Amanda Call for these gorgeous photos! I really appreciate both you all have done and continue to do to help out ideology!

Easter Jewelry: Accessorizing Your Easter Outfit    Monday, April 14, 2014

It's always fun to accessorize your holiday look with perfectly complimentary jewelry. For Easter, it's great to focus on Easter themes, such as rabbits, flowers and pastel hues. We have a few items in our shop that would be perfect accessorizing your look perfectly for the Easter Holiday. Check out a couple of our jewelry creations perfect for Easter:

Our Filigree Locket and Flower Necklace features a gorgeous bronze filigree style locket that can hold a photo or even some solid perfume. The pastel hued orange and ivory flower makes this necklace perfect for an Easter holiday look.

Our Silver White Rabbit Earrings are a lovely choice for Easter accessorizing. They feature lovely silver white rabbit charms from "Alice and Wonderland," making these a fun take on the rabbit motif, different than the typical styles of jewelry you might see worn on Easter. 


Interview with Photographer Hena Tayeb    Sunday, April 13, 2014

Check out our interview with Hena Tayeb, a photographer specializing in architectural and travel fine art photography.


Tell me a bit about yourself and your creations:


I am a Chicago born Pakistani photographer living in New Jersey. I love to find unusual abstracts and angles allowing the ordinary to appear extraordinary. I zoom in and bring light to the details of things around me. Creating abstracts and bringing attention to textures and patterns. My husband and I, along with our two-year-old boy, love to travel enabling me to capture my adventures in bold, high contrast, dramatic photographs.


What inspires you to create?

Everything around me: nature's beauty, the way the sun hits a certain object, the man-made marvels of architecture.

Describe your creative process:

We have been blessed with travel. When we travel, I take photographs. They go through two to three rounds of editing until I am satisfied that they are the best of what I can offer.

What are some of your own favorite creations?

It's difficult to pick just a few. Every photograph I take is attached to a memory - where I was, with whom... The whole trip comes rushing back to me.

How do you want your craft and business to evolve?

I want to continue travelling and taking photographs and share the world I see with others and for more people to give my photographs a home and share the stories they tell.

What brings people to seek out your creations, and what makes your work unique?

I believe that my photographs are unlike most travel photographs. They focus on the details, and they are more graphic and bold, setting them apart from multitudes of landscapes that can be found.

What choices have you made that helped your business the most?

Selling on Etsy was initially one of the best decisions I had made. It brought me most of my sales and the confidence I need to assure me my work was good enough. With that confidence, I was able to reach out to galleries, start my own website and become a member of The Artisan Group.

What advice would you give to other artisans?

Believe in yourself, work hard and give it time. Success does not come overnight. It takes time and commitment. And, don't forget that social media is your friend.

Where can your creations be found?




Gemstone Jewelry: A Sneak Peek at Our New Collection    Tuesday, April 8, 2014

As you may have heard, yesterday we announced our new collection of gemstone jewelry that we're getting ready to launch. We've decided to start sharing a few of the gemstone jewelry designs we've created to give you all an idea of what to expect! My cousin Amanda Call, who has been shooting photos of the new collection, took the photographs of our new gemstone jewelry designs below.

First, here is our brand new Pyrite Trio Necklace, featuring three rough pyrite (also known as fool's gold) beads on an antiqued bronze chain.

Here is our brand new Amethyst Nugget Necklace, featuring a faceted amethyst gemstone bead on an antiqued bronze chain.

We're very excited to begin sharing our new gemstone jewelry collection with all of you and looking forward to showing you more of our new jewelry designs! In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think about these new gemstone necklaces. Feel free to let us know in the comments!

New Jewelry Collection Announcement    Monday, April 7, 2014

I feel it has come time to let everyone know about our new jewelry collection. After all, I'd love to let you all in on the excitement, as this is something I've been hoping to do for quite some time. The new jewelry collection is going to feature some of my favorite elements:


That's right! We're going to take a step away from our beloved charm jewelry designs to launch a number of new pieces with gemstones as the focal point. You will get to see gorgeous quartz, agate, chalcedony, amethyst, tourmaline and more make their appearance in our brand new jewelry collection. I've released several gemstone jewelry designs previously, which you can see in the ideology shop, but I'm very much so looking forward to offering a wider range of gemstone jewelry designs as part of the ideology collection. I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to share this news with all of you!

Amanda Call, my cousin who's been taking some gorgeous product photgraphy of my designs lately, has even started photographing some of our new designs in addition to some of our current styles. In fact, we just released the first photo from our recent sessions on social media earlier today, featuring our Gold Heart Earrings, which are similar to our Bronze Heart Earrings currently available in our shop. You can see the photo here:

So, there's no need to worry for all our charm jewelry lovers, as there are also plenty of new charm jewelry designs coming soon, in addition to our brand new gemstone jewelry collection. We'll be releasing many more of our new jewelry photos from Amanda very soon, as well, so you don't have to wait too long to see our new designs!

In the meantime, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our idea for the new collection and the first photo released from our recent photo shoots with Amanda! :)


Jewelry Photography: Our First Two Photo Shoots with Amanda Call    Saturday, April 5, 2014

I know product photography is very important in attracting fans and customers to your products, especially when most of the sales take place online. So, I've been meaning to get some new photos of my jewelry designs to better capture their beauty. Since I don't have a great camera on hand at the moment and my cousin Amanda Call has studied photography and took lovely photos of my jewelry last year, I decided to ask her for her assistance again. She was happy to take on the challenge, and we had our first photo shoot in the afternoon of April 26th. Here is a peek at the jewelry photography process: 



















I had a wonderful time helping Amanda pick out the perfect photography props, decide which jewelry pieces to take photos of, decide on the look for each of the photos and get the perfect lighting. The rest was up to her creative inspiration and talent! I was very pleased with how everything turned out. It was a pleasure working with her for product photography, and I am so thrilled with how the photos turned out! It was such a great experience that we decided to continue working on product photography for my jewelry on a regular basis and even had another session the following week! Here is a photo from that session:

I didn't get a chance to view any of the photos from the second jewelry photography session with Amanda, but I'm very excited to see how they turn out! In the meantime, I have quite a few fabulous photos from the first product photography session that I'm excited to show you all. Stay tuned to our blog to see the jewelry photos in an upcoming post!

5 Tips for Staying Creative    Monday, February 17, 2014

It might seem hard to stay creative with all of the hustle and bustle of the world around us, but it's important not to forget that creative side of you. Exploring your creativity is a great way to relax, make new discoveries about yourself and simply do something you enjoy. Check out these 5 awesome tips for staying creative, no matter how busy you are!

1. Make something each day. No matter how small, set aside a few minutes (or more time, if you have it), each day to work on some creative project. Whether you're drawing an object each day in your sketchbook, putting together a piece of jewelry, designing a new notecard, or working on a painting, there are plenty of ways to do one creative thing each day.

2. Give yourself projects. There's likely plenty of ideas you've had flowing through your head of things to work on. So, get to it! Give yourself regular projects utilizing all of the creative ideas you come up with. You'll be happy you gave it a try and turned your ideas into fruition to see how they turned out.

3. Explore the world around you. One of the best ways to help you stay creative is by exploring the beautifully creative world around you. Look for inspiration in local art galleries, artisan boutiques, nearby parks and wildlife preserves or even in the urban or suburban scenes that you pass by each day. There is inspiration all around us, just waiting to be picked up on.

4. Try something new. If you're in a creative rut, try branching out and trying something new. Say you've been having some writer's block and having trouble coming up with your next piece, maybe try drawing somethings in a sketchbook for a chance. Trying something new is a great way to boost your creativity overall, and you never know, you may just encounter a hidden talent!

5. Let others inspire you. No matter where you are, there are likely plenty other creative people around you. Look to friends, local artists and creative classes to help bounce some creativity off others. You might be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself and your own creativity just by spending some time with other creative people.

What helps you stay creative?

Why I Love Making Jewelry    Tuesday, February 11, 2014

While my jewelry creations to serve as a means of an income, they mean so much more to me than a dollar sign. Here are some of the many reasons why I love making jewelry and sharing my designs with all of you!

1. I'm passionate about creating. I love how making jewelry allows me explore one of the many creative avenues I've found an interest in over the years. Knowing that I'm creating a little piece of wearable art in each design drives me to enjoy the process all the much more.

2. I love making custom creations. One of my favorite parts about making jewelry is when I get asked to make a custom piece for one of my customers. I love working with people to create the perfect piece of jewelry for their friend, parent, sibling or sweetheart. I'm amazed at the thoughtfulness of people to want a custom design for their loved one, and I'm incredibly inspired by the unique ideas that people come up with!

3. I'm amazed by the versatility. There are so many different styles of jewelry, methods for making jewelry and components you can include when creating jewelry. I love how many options are at my creative disposal whenever I decide I want to make some new designs.

4. I enjoy sharing my interests through jewelry creation. Making jewelry allows me to share many of my interests with others in a gorgeous way. I love how I can combine my love of gemstones, various metals and specific interests through charms to create lovely elements to share with others.

5. I feel constantly inspired. Making jewelry has lead me to constant inspiration for making new designs. I love trying out new ideas in jewelry design, mixing various components to make new styles, trying out new elements to make pieces and even finding inspiration in others to create new designs. There has been many a time that I've been inspired by those around me to create pieces that I think they would enjoy. For one, my Grandmother's love of owls has inspired an array of owl designs in my jewelry craftmanship.

6. I love the release it gives me. When I get into the flow of making jewelry, I can allow myself to get lost in the moment, simply enjoying the creative process and letting the ideas flow through me as I craft new designs. Jewelry creation is a wonderful way for me to relax and let the artistic thoughts flow freely.

7. I love sharing my creations with the world. It's incredible to be able to share jewelry that I've made with people all over the world, from the United States to England to Germany to Australia to Norway to Sweden and beyond. Just the thought that my jewelry has made it's way to new homes all over the world is an incredible feeling.

8. It makes me happy. Simply, making jewelry provides for plenty of happiness as a whole. It gives me joy to know I am doing something I love and not something simply to get a paycheck. I love that making jewelry has allowed me to have so many incredible opportunities that I otherwise couldn't imagine having, from getting my jewelry into the hands of celebrities to networking with other artists to having tables at various craft shows around the area. Making jewelry has given me a great amount of pleasure, and I know it will continue to for many years to come!


Have you ever tried making jewelry? What do you love about it?


Save Over 50% Off Our Handmade Brass Seahorse Earrings!    Friday, January 17, 2014

Right now, we're offering an incredible deal that doesn't come around very often - over 50% off our handmade brass seahorse earrings! You can snag a pair (or a few!) of these gorgeously handcrafted earrings on pinkEpromise right now. This is our first deal we've done with them, so please consider showing us and them your support! Here is a photo of the lovely earrings, offered at just $3.99 per pair for only a few days:

Head on over there and snag this deal while it lasts! You can check it out here. These earrings would make a beautiful accessory for the upcoming spring and summer months!

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