Happy New Year and the Golden Globes!

The holiday season was very busy for us this year, with participating in events and craft shows, connecting with new fans and customers and working on brand new designs. We're super excited for 2015 and all of the amazing things that are going to happen this year, and we want to wish all of our wonderful fans and customers an amazing 2015!

2014 was a very exciting year for us, as we launched many new jewelry designs, took part in a bunch of new events and had the opportunity to expand the reach of our line. We even had a pair of our earrings on TV! This past year was full of amazing opportunities, and we're ready for even more to happen in 2015.

For starters, we have some very big news for you all...

Our Amethyst Crystal Point Necklace made its way to the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge this past weekend! We gifted our Amethyst Crystal Necklace to members of the press that stopped by The Artisan Group exhibit at the Gift Lounge honoring the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Nominees and Presenters.

Amethyst Crystal Point Necklace by ideology

This is such an incredible opportunity for our jewelry line, and we're very excited to have been able to share our necklace with some wonderful members of the press. You can get your own Amethyst Crystal Point Necklace right here.


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nice post


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