Creative Jewelry Photography: Diversifying Our Photos

June 14, 2014

As you may have heard, we decided a few months ago that it was time to really spice up our photography. After having all of our jewelry photographed on a white background for quite some time, we realized it was time to change things up. Although a white background can do wonders for jewelry, especially when uniform photos are needed, a desire for more diverse photography arose. Our photographer, Amanda Call, has been an absolute delight in helping us create jewelry photos that focus on the unique details and beauty of our designs while increasing the diversity of our jewelry photography. Take a look at our foray into creative jewelry photography, as we share with you some of our most loved photos of our jewelry taken by Amanda Call.

Bronze Ship Wheel Necklace

Our Bronze Ship Wheel Necklace is photographed on a darker background. The necklace dangles from a stand, which can be seen behind it, but the stand does not take away the focus from the gorgeous bronze tone and lovely design of our Bronze Ship Wheel Necklace.

Gold Heart Earrings

Our Gold Heart Earrings definitely stand out on this silvery-gray background. Placing the earrings off-center gives the photo even more artistic quality, perfect for the handmade style of these earrings.

Lemon Jade Teardrop Earrings

Our Lemon Jade Tear Drop Earrings that have been wire wrapped with bronze have their boho appeal beautifully complemented by the lace background in this jewelry photo.

Bronze Anchor and Rope Necklace

Photographed on a mirror that beautifully reflected the clear blue sky and overlooking green trees on a lovely spring day, our Bronze Anchor and Rope Necklace still shows all of it's intricate details in this style of jewelry photography.

Dangling off a crisp, sky blue covered book, our Silver Crystal Camera Necklace really shines in this creative jewelry photo. The crystal camera lens absolutely glistens and the antiqued silver shines brilliantly in front of this lovely prop.

Penny Lane Necklace

Our Penny Lane Necklace really makes it's mark in this photo. The necklace boldly stands out upon the rust-hued stand and crimson background. The charm placed in the center makes for an eye-catching focal point, while the chain circling the edge makes for a unique look.

Using different props, backgrounds and layouts has really helped to take our jewelry photography to the next level. We are so thankful for Amanda Call for all of her hard work and expertise in helping create jewelry photos for our line that are both unique and exciting. 

Have you come up with some awesomely creative jewelry photography ideas? Let us know in the comments!