How to Set Intentions with Crystals

July 18, 2021

When thinking about how to set intentions with crystals, you might be wondering what kinds of intentions you can set, what types of crystals to use for intention setting and how to make the most out of intention setting with crystals. We're here to help. This guide will give you all of the basics on how to set intentions with crystals, so you have all the tools on hand to get started easily and effectively in using these tools from Mother Nature to help enhance and activate your intentions.

What Kind of Intentions Can You Set?

To get started, you can begin by thinking about what you are looking for, what you want more of or what kind of questions you want answered. When wondering how to set intentions with crystals, it's best to start by determining what your intentions are. Perhaps, you are in a transitional period, like changing careers, starting college or moving. Or, you might be looking for some personal enhancement - perhaps, you'd like to feel more confident, more at peace, more loving or greater strength. By thinking about what kind of intentions you have, you can focus in on what matters to you most right now, which will guide you as you begin to learn how to intention set with crystals.

What Types of Crystals Should You Use?

Once you have determined what kind of intentions you would like to set, you can look to what kind of crystals will aid you in your intentions. Each type of crystal is associated with its own meanings and symbolism and certain crystals are believed to work best for certain intentions. For example, if you are looking to have more self love or love for others, some crystals that could be of benefit are Rose Quartz, Moonstone or Rhodonite. Or, if you are looking for crystals for inner-strength and confidence, you might like to work with Clear Quartz, Sunstone or Spirit Quartz. You may also just be drawn to a certain crystal. In this case, it could make great sense to work with that crystal for your intention setting.

How to Prepare Crystals for Intention Setting

To get ready for intention setting, you may want to cleanse your crystals, to remove any lingering negative energy. To cleanse your crystals, you could leave them out where they will be visible under the, preferably full, moon. You could also use a sage bundle to cleanse the crystals. Another alternative is to place your crystals in water, but keep in mind, that not all crystals are water safe. You will first want to ensure that your crystals can safely be cleansed this way.

Ways to Set Intentions with Crystals

Now that you have an idea of what your intentions are and have selected the crystals you will be using, you can begin intention setting. To set your intentions with your crystals, you will want to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. You will hold your crystal, or crystals, in your hand and begin to focus on your breath and find a meditational space where you can find peace among the world. You can then begin to think over your intention, while focusing on the crystal within your palm. You should free your mind of thoughts and continue to focus on your intention and the crystal you are attaching it to. You can do this for as long as feels right for you.

Ways to Reaffirm Your Intention

When learning how to set intentions with crystals, you may discover that setting your intention is just a part of the process. You could choose to do this ritual regularly, perhaps every morning right when you wake up, before going to bed or during another part of the day where you have time to focus on your intention. You may also want to incorporate other ways of reaffirming your intention, perhaps by sleeping with the crystals you are using by your bedside or under your pillow at night. If the crystals are small enough, you may also want to keep them in your pocket throughout the day. You may also want to reaffirm your intentions in other ways - for example, you may want to write your intention down and put the note in a place where you will see it regularly.

When learning how to set intentions with crystals, remember that this process is your own. You should do what feels right to you, as these are your intentions and your dreams you are looking to fulfill. You need not follow any specific guidelines exactly, but instead, listen to your heart as you focus on setting your intentions with crystals. 

Happy Intention Setting! xx

Love + Light