Crystals for Leo Season

August 05, 2019

Leo season is here, spanning from July 21 through August 21. Whether you are a Leo, have some Leo in your astrological chart, or just want to enjoy the vibrance, confidence, and creativity this month has to offer, there are absolutely a fewcrystals and gemstones that can aid you on your quest and be particularly powerful for this hot part of the summer.


Citrine is a stone that is fantastic for happiness, creativity, and uplifting, which makes it perfect for some of the key points of Leo season. Its bright and cheerful clarity is extra powerful with the sunshine time of July and August!

Smoky Citrine Tower


While there are many varieties of jasper to choose from, all with their own specific qualities, this warm-toned crystal is generally thought of to be a great stone for Leos, encouraging communication, protection, and creative expression. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful yellow and earthy-toned stone that is wonderful for that firey Leo season. Tiger’s Eye is known to be a gem that encourages confidence, willpower, courage, and strength. Those traits combined with the high energy of Leo season are sure to have you gleaming.


Garnet is a beautiful deep red stone that is thought to be fantastic for fostering self-love and compassion, as well as confidence and love, making it a wonderful crystal for Leo season. All of these warm emotions are perfect for your focus in Leo season, and have the power to bring a wonderful energy into that time of year.

These crystals all shine in their unique ways to bring you so many of the qualities of that firey Leo spirit, to enhance those qualities in your own life. And while they’re certainly fantastic all year round, there’s nothing like a little nudge to boost the middle of the summer into high gear! What are some of your favorite crystals for Leo season?