4 Ways to Use Palmstones

August 25, 2021

Palmstones are one of the most popular shapes of carved crystals. They can be found in countless varieties of stones and are the perfect size for holding, making them a great tool for a variety of purposes. Here are 4 ways to use Palmstones whenever you feel the need for some crystal love and care:

Meditating with Palmstones

Palmstones are a popular crystal shape for use in meditation. When sitting, you can hold one or two palmstones, as you let go of that which isn't serving you. Holding onto a crystal helps many to be present during meditation, and reduce the likelihood of getting lost in a wandering mind. Crystals can be reminders of the connection we have with ourselves and the natural world around us, something that can be very useful when the goal is to be truly present in the moment at hand. Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz are particularly popular varieties for meditation, as they are believed to help provide clarity and openness to transformation.

Studying with Palmstones

Palmstones can be an excellent tool for studying. To use them for this purpose, you might find that holding one in your hand allows you to have greater attention on your work. Or, you might notice that having them on display on your desk or preferred study spot makes it easier to maintain your focus. Crystals can serve as helpful reminders to keep your attention where it is needed, making them an excellent tool for retention and knowledge-buidling. Fluorite is believed to be particularly helpful during studying, as it is believed to reduce doubt and help with being open to new ideas.

Aiding Sleep with Palmstones

Crystals have long been used to aid with sleeping, and one of the best types of crystals for this purpose are palmstones. This shape is easy to hold onto while laying in bed getting ready for slumber, or for placing under one's pillow at night. You might find that particular varieties help best with sleep. Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Labradorite are some stones that are particularly popular, as they are believed to help calm the mind and reduce worry during sleep.

Journaling with Palmstones

Journalling can be a therapeutic and enlightening experience, and using crystals during this activity can help enhance its rewards, as well as help bring grounding energy. Holding a palmstone in ones non-writing hand can be helpful as you journal about the thoughts going through your mind. Crystals can help with journaling, as you focus on releasing energies, finding inspiration or forgiveness and create space for yourself and your emotions. Aquamarine is a stone believed to be helpful during journaling, as it is said to help release oneself from the past and be truly present.

What are some of your favorite uses for palmstones? Which types of crystal palmstones do you find yourself most drawn to?

Love + Light