Why I Love Making Jewelry

While my jewelry creations to serve as a means of an income, they mean so much more to me than a dollar sign. Here are some of the many reasons why I love making jewelry and sharing my designs with all of you!

1. I'm passionate about creating. I love how making jewelry allows me explore one of the many creative avenues I've found an interest in over the years. Knowing that I'm creating a little piece of wearable art in each design drives me to enjoy the process all the much more.

2. I love making custom creations. One of my favorite parts about making jewelry is when I get asked to make a custom piece for one of my customers. I love working with people to create the perfect piece of jewelry for their friend, parent, sibling or sweetheart. I'm amazed at the thoughtfulness of people to want a custom design for their loved one, and I'm incredibly inspired by the unique ideas that people come up with!

3. I'm amazed by the versatility. There are so many different styles of jewelry, methods for making jewelry and components you can include when creating jewelry. I love how many options are at my creative disposal whenever I decide I want to make some new designs.

4. I enjoy sharing my interests through jewelry creation. Making jewelry allows me to share many of my interests with others in a gorgeous way. I love how I can combine my love of gemstones, various metals and specific interests through charms to create lovely elements to share with others.

5. I feel constantly inspired. Making jewelry has lead me to constant inspiration for making new designs. I love trying out new ideas in jewelry design, mixing various components to make new styles, trying out new elements to make pieces and even finding inspiration in others to create new designs. There has been many a time that I've been inspired by those around me to create pieces that I think they would enjoy. For one, my Grandmother's love of owls has inspired an array of owl designs in my jewelry craftmanship.

6. I love the release it gives me. When I get into the flow of making jewelry, I can allow myself to get lost in the moment, simply enjoying the creative process and letting the ideas flow through me as I craft new designs. Jewelry creation is a wonderful way for me to relax and let the artistic thoughts flow freely.

7. I love sharing my creations with the world. It's incredible to be able to share jewelry that I've made with people all over the world, from the United States to England to Germany to Australia to Norway to Sweden and beyond. Just the thought that my jewelry has made it's way to new homes all over the world is an incredible feeling.

8. It makes me happy. Simply, making jewelry provides for plenty of happiness as a whole. It gives me joy to know I am doing something I love and not something simply to get a paycheck. I love that making jewelry has allowed me to have so many incredible opportunities that I otherwise couldn't imagine having, from getting my jewelry into the hands of celebrities to networking with other artists to having tables at various craft shows around the area. Making jewelry has given me a great amount of pleasure, and I know it will continue to for many years to come!


Have you ever tried making jewelry? What do you love about it?



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