Jewelry Care Tips: Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry is a treasured possession for many, as it's often received as a gift or purchased as a treat for oneself. So, it's incredibly important that jewelry is properly cared for, especially since many pieces of jewelry are much more delicate than other personal items we have. Find out some of the best jewelry care tips to keep in mind when wearing jewelry:

Don't Wear Jewelry in Showers or Pools

It's important to remember to take your jewelry off anywhere it might get wet, such as in showers, swimming pools or spas. Depending on the material of jewelry, water can damage it, and chlorinated water can do even further damage.

Remove Jewelry Before Physical Tasks

It's important to take off your jewelry before you do any physical tasks, such as cleaning, gardening, cooking, or working in the garage. Jewelry can become damaged when exposed to different chemicals, or can get caught on things when your busy doing other tasks and may break.

Remove Jewelry Before Playing Sports

Sports can be incredibly physical activities, so it's very important to remember to take off any jewelry you're wearing before playing sports. Jewelry can easily get caught on equipment, your clothing or even another player and may get broken or damaged, so it's important to take off your jewelry before participating in any sports.

Apply Cosmetics Before Putting on Jewelry

When you're planning on wearing any cosmetic products, perfumes, makeup or hair care products, it's important to apply them before you put on your jewelry. The chemicals in these products can damage jewelry, so make sure you put on any jewelry you're going to wear after your look is otherwise complete!

These are just a few jewelry care tips to keep in mind when wearing jewelry. Do you have any other tips people should keep in mind when wearing jewelry? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments!


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