Interview with Photographer Hena Tayeb

Check out our interview with Hena Tayeb, a photographer specializing in architectural and travel fine art photography.


Tell me a bit about yourself and your creations:


I am a Chicago born Pakistani photographer living in New Jersey. I love to find unusual abstracts and angles allowing the ordinary to appear extraordinary. I zoom in and bring light to the details of things around me. Creating abstracts and bringing attention to textures and patterns. My husband and I, along with our two-year-old boy, love to travel enabling me to capture my adventures in bold, high contrast, dramatic photographs.


What inspires you to create?

Everything around me: nature's beauty, the way the sun hits a certain object, the man-made marvels of architecture.

Describe your creative process:

We have been blessed with travel. When we travel, I take photographs. They go through two to three rounds of editing until I am satisfied that they are the best of what I can offer.

What are some of your own favorite creations?

It's difficult to pick just a few. Every photograph I take is attached to a memory - where I was, with whom... The whole trip comes rushing back to me.

How do you want your craft and business to evolve?

I want to continue travelling and taking photographs and share the world I see with others and for more people to give my photographs a home and share the stories they tell.

What brings people to seek out your creations, and what makes your work unique?

I believe that my photographs are unlike most travel photographs. They focus on the details, and they are more graphic and bold, setting them apart from multitudes of landscapes that can be found.

What choices have you made that helped your business the most?

Selling on Etsy was initially one of the best decisions I had made. It brought me most of my sales and the confidence I need to assure me my work was good enough. With that confidence, I was able to reach out to galleries, start my own website and become a member of The Artisan Group.

What advice would you give to other artisans?

Believe in yourself, work hard and give it time. Success does not come overnight. It takes time and commitment. And, don't forget that social media is your friend.

Where can your creations be found?





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