Interview with Andrea Procida of Andrea Wysocki Jewelry

Check out our interview with Andrea Procida, the designer behind the lovely handmade jewelry line Andrea Wysocki Jewelry!


Tell me a bit about yourself and your creations:

My name is Andrea Procida and I'm the owner/designer/maker behind Andrea Wysocki Jewelry and I am a mom of two little boys. My designs are clean, simple and modern. All of my jewelry is sterling silver (occasionally vermeil) with a hammered texture and a matte finish.

What inspires you to create?

I am inspired by simple shapes and the environment around me. I started because I wanted simple jewelry that I could wear and that I liked. Jewelry that you don't have to match to an outfit but jewelry that will go with everything.

Describe your creative process:

I usually come up with an idea or shape and base my collections around that. Last year it was organic ovals/circles, for fall/winter it will be leaves. I LOVE this new collection and can't wait to launch it!

What are some of your favorite creations?

Well I love all of my designs but some favorites are my large hammered ovals w. amazonite. They are a fun addition to an outfit. I also love my organic hammered oval with chalcedony necklace and my new fall leaves collection.

How do you want your craft and business to evolve?

I would love to do more wholesale and sell in stores across the country. I would love more people to know about my jewelry.

What or who influences you as an artisan?

I wouldn't say there is anyone or anything that directly influences me. I create what I love, and I love it when other people love it too. It keeps me driven to do more.

What brings people to seek out your creations, and what makes your work unique?

My simple, organic style is what people love. That it is everyday, handmade jewelry. It's not trendy so it isn't something that is going to go out of style in a couple years.

What choices have you made that helped your business the most?

To do my business full-time, or as full-time as I can with two kids. When I was working I couldn't give it my all.

What advice would you give other artisans?

Do what you love. If you don't love it you won't have the drive to continue. I wake up every morning and I'm excited to get to work.

Where can your creations be found?

On my website, on Opensky and in a few stores in California.




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