Emmaus Moravian Church Holiday Craft Show Experience

We had a table at the lovely Holiday Craft Show at Emmaus Moravian Church this past Saturday - November 2nd. This was our third year in a row at this annual craft show, and it was certainly fun for all!

There were at least a few dozen vendors filling tables in several rooms of the building, offering a variety of items from homemade dog treats to boomerangs to teddy bears! I'm sure plenty of people found wonderful gifts for their loved ones at the craft show.

My Grandmother and boyfriend were a great help at the event. Here are a couple photos my boyfriend, Corey, took of ideology's table at the event:

We offered a selection of handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and barrettes at our table. Custom pieces were also available to customers, as we were making jewelry during the event, too! I found that jewelry I just designed while at the event seemed to be pretty popular - which was an awesome surprise.

Overall, everyone seemed to have an amazing time at the craft show, and I'm looking forward to having ideology jewelry at many more craft shows and events soon. So, stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of Corey Arner.



There were so many awesome

There were so many awesome items to choose from! I'm looking forward to wearing the beautiful pieces I purchased!

entering the giveaway!

entering the giveaway!

A craft fair, how exciting!

A craft fair, how exciting! And a lot of work. n.n

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