Easter Jewelry: Accessorizing Your Easter Outfit

It's always fun to accessorize your holiday look with perfectly complimentary jewelry. For Easter, it's great to focus on Easter themes, such as rabbits, flowers and pastel hues. We have a few items in our shop that would be perfect accessorizing your look perfectly for the Easter Holiday. Check out a couple of our jewelry creations perfect for Easter:

Our Filigree Locket and Flower Necklace features a gorgeous bronze filigree style locket that can hold a photo or even some solid perfume. The pastel hued orange and ivory flower makes this necklace perfect for an Easter holiday look.

Our Silver White Rabbit Earrings are a lovely choice for Easter accessorizing. They feature lovely silver white rabbit charms from "Alice and Wonderland," making these a fun take on the rabbit motif, different than the typical styles of jewelry you might see worn on Easter. 



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