Here are some of the wonderful things our customers are saying about Ideology...

"Thank you so much. Just got the Zoisite Tower, and I am in love! It is so beautiful."

"Super in love with the stuff I got - always top quality crystals from you! The Rainbow Obsidian are so enchanting because of their secret colors, and the Fire and Ice Quartz is just mesmerizing,"

”Thank you! You really create a special environment when you memorize names of people around the page and are always so kind when interacting with them! It's a very special thing and in my rounds on Instagram I find a select few who truly interact with customers like you do. It creates such a positive environment for us! So thank you for always delivering to the best of your capabilities and being so sweet.”

"You are my favorite ever. Thank you so much. These are more gorgeous in person. I've already fallen in love with the Celestite and Ametrine. The others will be wrapped up and sent to their forever homes soon. Thank you for allowing me to share their healing! Ps. Love the note! It's my favorite when people take the time to be personal. Sending heaps of gratitude your way."

"You have so many amazing crystals, the ideas are endless!"

"Honestly, thank you! Your site is amazing and your Instagram is just as great! Your shop is wonderful! And you're so nice!"

"Just received my mystery package, and I love it! I got my first Ammonite fossil and Quartz wand, plus Clear Quartz and Amethyst. Thank you so much."

"In LOVE with my Quartz tower! I've been wanting one, and I'm so glad I waited for this one to come along."

"Your rocks have become a powerful addition to my alters. I love using tokens from my strong female friends."

"Yay! Received my crystal mystery package I won. I'm so over the moon. Thanks so much, Britt! The Celestine is absolutely amazing. Such a noticeable high vibration. My thumb literally was shaking!"

"Thank you so much! Another beautiful piece to add to the crystal family. I am in love! It's even more amazing in person. Again, thank you so much! You are lovely! Keep on sharing with the world."

"Cute note and absolutely stunning Ammonite. I've always been a shell loving person, submersing myself in oceans and rivers searching for empty shells to take home and collect. They're so beautiful. Thank you so much for these perfectly polished beauties."

"Newest addition to my crystal collection. The good vibes are recharging me after an intense semester! Even matches my yoga mat. Go check out her shop! Everything about it is amazing, from the content to the service to the cute notes in her packaging. Her passion is so clear and her kindness reaches across worlds."

"LOVING my new crystals from you. I've actually been looking for Fluorite, Smoky Quartz and more Amethyst! That's too cool they were in your package! I've never seen Obsidian before, and it's my first wand. This is so exciting. Thank you so much!"

"Got my auction items! Three pretty crystals that look like they're meant to be together! That Fluorite point is just so gorgeous! Thank you, love!"

"Thank you so much for your contribution to my collection! I love them, and I wear my Ruby in Zoisite bracelet daily. The energy and positivity it brings is so amazing!"