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Creative Jewelry Photography: Diversifying Our Photos

As you may have heard, we decided a few months ago that it was time to really spice up our photography. After having all of our jewelry photographed on a white background for quite some time, we realized it was time to change things up. Although a white background can do wonders for jewelry, especially when uniform photos are needed, a desire for more diverse photography arose. Our photographer, Amanda Call, has been an absolute delight in helping us create jewelry photos that focus on the unique details and beauty of our designs while increasing the diversity of our jewelry photography.

Jewelry Photography: New Photos from Photographer Amanda Call

We recently received many new photos of our handmade jewelry from our recent photo shoots with Amanda Call and are excited to begin sharing a few of our favorite photos with all of you! In our photo shoot sessions, we experimented with different elements, backgrounds, layouts and angles to create the perfect photos of our jewelry. With our new photos, we're hoping to give our fans and customers the feeling that our jewelry is right in front of them and not simply on their computer (or phone) screen.

Gemstone Jewelry: A Sneak Peek at Our New Collection

As you may have heard, yesterday we announced our new collection of gemstone jewelry that we're getting ready to launch. We've decided to start sharing a few of the gemstone jewelry designs we've created to give you all an idea of what to expect! My cousin Amanda Call, who has been shooting photos of the new collection, took the photographs of our new gemstone jewelry designs below.

First, here is our brand new Pyrite Trio Necklace, featuring three rough pyrite (also known as fool's gold) beads on an antiqued bronze chain.

Jewelry Photography: Our First Two Photo Shoots with Amanda Call

I know product photography is very important in attracting fans and customers to your products, especially when most of the sales take place online. So, I've been meaning to get some new photos of my jewelry designs to better capture their beauty. Since I don't have a great camera on hand at the moment and my cousin Amanda Call has studied photography and took lovely photos of my jewelry last year, I decided to ask her for her assistance again.