June 2014

Creative Jewelry Photography: Diversifying Our Photos

As you may have heard, we decided a few months ago that it was time to really spice up our photography. After having all of our jewelry photographed on a white background for quite some time, we realized it was time to change things up. Although a white background can do wonders for jewelry, especially when uniform photos are needed, a desire for more diverse photography arose. Our photographer, Amanda Call, has been an absolute delight in helping us create jewelry photos that focus on the unique details and beauty of our designs while increasing the diversity of our jewelry photography.

Father's Day: Jewelry Gift Ideas for Dads

Father's Day is coming up very soon, so now is the perfect time to pick out a gift your Dad will love! At ideology, we have several jewelry designs that Dads will surely enjoy! Father's Day is a great time to let your Dad know how much you appreciate him in a unique way. You might want to consider one of our charm necklaces that depict one of your Father's favorite things or a gemstone necklace that carries properties that may help bring your Dad love, good health, joy or prosperity.